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Divorce is not uncommon, you are not alone and you WILL get through it.  Around 42% of marriages ends in divorce.  It is one of the top most stressful life events.

If it is happening to you, you may have many questions going round in your head, wondering what the future holds, how to protect your children, yourself, your finances.

You may have decided divorce is the only option, you may be on the receiving end of your partner issuing divorce proceedings or you may be at the very early stages of simply wanting to know your options and where you stand.

Divorce can be complex and it is vital you choose a solicitor who listens to you, works with you, provides straight forward legal advice and looks out for you, protecting your legal interests and that of any children, along the way.

We will provide you with the best advice to deal with matters cost effectively and efficiently.

Here are some answers to some of the initial questions you may have:

 1.     How long will it take?

If there are no delays from either party and divorce proceedings are not defended you may be looking at between 4-6 months.  If there are other issues to be resolved, such as the finances of your marriage, you may be advised to hold off applying for the final state of divorce before resolving the finances which may extend the time it will take to conclude divorce proceedings.

2.     Does it matter who divorces who?

There may be cost implications for the person receiving the divorce petition and depending non the grounds used for divorce, in a small number of cases, if one parties conduct is being out forward as having a severe impact on the marriage this may have an effect in other areas such as how the finances are divided or issues of contact or residence of the children but these cases are rare.

3.     What is the procedure involved?

Initially we would speak with you to advise the best ground of divorce to be used.  The divorce papers would then be prepared for you to consider and approve before being issued at the relevant court.  The papers will then be sent from the court to your partner asking for them to confirm whether or not they wish to defend the divorce proceedings.

4.     Will I have to go to court?

If issues are agreed beforehand and your husband or wife does not intend to defend the divorce proceedings you will not have to attend court.

5.     How much will it cost?

This firm charges a fixed fee to deal with the divorce proceedings from start to finish, if undefended.  The fixed fee is £1330.00.  This includes court fees of £550 and VAT.  When looking at fixed fees charged by other solicitors ensure the fee quoted includes court fees.  See our pricing page

The emotional impact of divorce is a staged process and one which we recognise and work with you to steer you through so that you can get back to being you and rebuilding your life.  Click here to Contact Us.