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Mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes.  Mediation is a completley voluntary process involving the separating couple attending joint meetings to resolve issues of separation, property, finance, children and the majority of issues arising out of a separation.

Mediation is a means of talking to your partner in the presence of an independent mediator.  It is not counselling or marriage guidance but looks at resolving matters of dispute upon separation or it may be that the issues are not as disputed as you think but the emotions of separation prevent the two of you being able to effectively communicate without disagreement.

Fiona Moore is a member of Resolution and follows their Code of Practice.  Click here to find information about Resolution. 

Fiona is the only solicitor mediator offering family mediation in Skipton at present and is keen to be able to offer mediation as an alternative to entering into the court process and enpowering people to make their own decisions as to plans for their future.


The mediator will need to meet with each of you separately, initially, to assess whether or not mediation is appropriate and the issues each of you wishes to resolve.

If mediation is thought to be appropriate and each of you are willing to engage in the mediation process a further joint meeting will be arranged.  It is likely that between 3-6 mediation sessions would be needed to deal with all matters, it may be less, it may be more and is largely dependent on the couple as to the issues they wish to resolve.

If dealing with the finances of separation, each of the couple will be expected to provide financial information and complete documentation to be shared with the other person and the mediator.

At the end of successful mediation the mediator will prepare a Memorandum of understanding setting out the proposals put forward by you both and this can be provided to your solicitor for them to advise and formalise.


The initial individual meeting (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) would cost £100.00 + VAT.

Any following joint mediation sessions would cost £100.00 + VAT for each person and each person is responsible for paying their own costs unless a prior agreement has been arranged.  There are also non means tested vouchers available up to £500.00 for mediation matters concerning children through the Governemnt's Mediation Voucher Scheme.

Preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding would cost £200.00 + VAT


A Mediator can give information but cannot advise either of you.  It is not essential but it is expected that alongside the mediation process you each instruct your own solicitor should you need to obtain advice on a particular aspect of your proposals and/or to advise and formalise your proposals.