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MEDIATION - New to Moore Family Law

MEDIATION - New to Moore Family Law

Fiona Moore has now qualified as a Family Mediator with Resolution and can therefore offer mediation for separating couples in Skipton, the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas of Craven!!

Mediation offers separating couples an alternative mode of resolving disputes and is often quicker, cheaper and has a longer lasting impact and implications than going to Court over disputes regarding separation, divorce, property, finance and children.

From 22nd April 2014 anyone considering taking a family matter to court will have to show the court that they have at least attempted mediation.

Starting mediation as early as possible in the process of separating can ensure agreement between the couple and avoid people being entrenched in their positions when they are able to speak freely in the same room with an independent mediator guiding, assisting and providing information as to the process.

Mediators can provide a much quicker, cost effective and satisfying outcome for couples who seek to engage in facilitated negotiation with a mediator present rather than have the courts decide on matters of finance, property and their children.

The benefits of mediation can be huge compared to the negativity court applications and litigiation can bring and can often ensure parental relationships concerning the children are not damaged beyond repair.

I am a strong advocate of mediation being a better option where appropriate for all concerned and if nothing else it provides an alternative for those who wish to consider such routes in resolving issues for the benefit of all concerned.