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Surviving Divorce

Surviving Divorce

Where on earth do you start?Emotions.......... children............ finances.............? 


There is no easy way to navigate through divorce but there are ways to make it easier.  This is new territory so don't beat yourself up if you don't always get it right or don't always feel on top of your game.

You are probably making decisions you never thought you would need to make with and for people you never thought you would have to make those decisions.  Take this as a stepped process and deal with one bit at a time or don't deal with any of it if you don't want to, go with how you feel and listen to yourself:

1.  Be kind to yourself

You are dealing with a traumatic event and we are not superhuman so don't overload yourself with the whys and the wherefors, let family and friends help, accept the invitation of a coffee or a catch up its often coming from a kind place adn you never know it might feel better than alcohol, chocolate or a box set. 

2.  Information is key

Initially its about knowing whats what and whats not and easing yourself into reality with the power and confidence of knowing what you are talking about.  

3.  Banish negativity

You have not failed.  Deal with any guilt or anger in the proper way. You don't have to hate your ex partner. If you think counselling would help then give it a try.  Use whatever resource works for you.

4.  Do something out of your comfort zone

Plan a trip, attend an event, go do something you would not have done previously and enjoy the good parts of being single.  

Imagine coming out of this happier, healthier and with a whole new story starting...............